A Stranger in Amsterdam

A Stranger in Amsterdam

How to find a good family doctor?
Having arrived, and perhaps lived in Amsterdam for some time, you one day find yourself in need of medical care. It could be anything from a minor infection, prescription medication that is running low, a sprained ankle or a panic attack. Who to turn to?
In case you need a doctor, it is good to be registered with a general practitioner (GP).
You can seek advice from your GP for a wide array of problems: a bothersome infection, psychological problems, a skin condition, a chronic disease, abdominal or chest pain or even gynaecological problems. If you think a certain sensitive problem would be better taken care of by a medical specialist, it is paramount to understand the Dutch system, which may be somewhat different than what you are used to.
In the Netherlands it is mandatory to obtain a (letter of) referral from your GP, before you can consult with a specialist. The GP is the primary care physician who assesses if specialistic approach is required. In many cases the GP is trained and equipped to solve the matter him- or herself. In fact in the Netherlands, over 90% of all medical care is in the hands of GPs. But in case GP and patient agree, that seeking the attention of a specialist is the better option, a referral will be made.

Cultural sensitivity
For this reason it is wise to choose a general practice that is culturally sensitive. Where people understand that the Dutch standard of care is not the universal one and that it is possible to personalise and tailor medical care in a way that does justice to both cultural perspectives.
The general practice at Medisch Centrum Frederik Hendrik, run by doctor Kappeyne van de Coppello, meets these requirements. It is a innovative general practice where matters are dealt with in the old fashioned (emergency call, appointments on the same day) but also the modern way (e-consultations or online repeat prescriptions).
In the same building you can find a laboratory, a pharmacy, physiotherapists, dieticians, cardiologist etc.

Please look us up on www.huisarts-kappeyne.nl


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